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'I Voted Remain' Pin (Inc. P+P)

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Badge of Honour 'I Voted Remain' pin badge. Don't let it be wiped from history that 16,141,241 people voted to remain in the EU, that's 48.1% (with 13million not voting at all). If you voted remain you should be proud and not be made to feel like a 'remoaner' if you sound your discontent at the decisions being made on the terms of exit in your name.

I wanted to make a subtle badge that people could wear to show that, even if they dislike the outcome, they are proud that they at least voted and voted the opposite!

The pin made of hard enamel. 'Hard Enamel Badges are one of most durable enamel badges due to the process that the enamel goes through. The stamped metal pin badge is filled with a colour that when set is polished flat leaving a smooth flat surface.'

Dimensions: 2.2cm x 2.2cm

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